Google Play On Kyros? Is It Possable? Well Look In.

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    Coby Kyros MID7024 and Pandigital Star
    Note transport files to microsd card only. Well yes and I can make that work well first I watch this video also I know its 7022 but It will work on kyros and you will have to go to the video site to get the files not mine just watched it and those are the first couple of steps then do what he says now outside of the gtablet folder after dropbox when you enter theres those extra files only install the vending one its 3.4.4 instead of the older market and then do the same restart it and set up the market. Next this leads me to your next Google Play YAY! ok well uninstall market go to this site and download it [Update] Google Play Store APK Version 3.4.7 Is Out! and yes I know theres newer versions but it will update automatically so do the same AGAIN! ;) And then reboot the system and set it up again. WELL THERE YOU GO PEOPLE! HAPPYNESS TO ALL!! If you need help just contact me. THIS IS YOUR SUPPORT FROM FREE TAB SUPPORT
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