Google Shows Off Google Glass UI in New Video; New Pseudo-Contest Detailed Too

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    We have a couple of intriguing "action-items" to share with you guys today regarding Google's next big innovation, Google Glass. If you are curious about what the final Google Glass user interface will look like, then check out the video above. After seeing the concept of augmented reality start to live up to its promise, this device is more exciting than ever. If you remember back just a few years, smartphones where thought of as strange an unnecessary devices when they first got started, and now look at how much of an impact they have made on the world. It's entirely possible we are witnessing the birth of another new technology which will be just as disruptive and ground-breaking.

    The video above isn't all we have either. If the new video entices you to want one of these devices, but you are not a developer, then you might be excited to learn about Google's new Google Glass pseudo-contest. We call it a pseudo-contest because you won't be able to get one of the first versions for free, but you can potentially win a chance to pay $1500 for one of these devices and be one of the first non-developers to get one. You can become a non-developer "Explorer" by defining what you would do with a set of Google Glasses in a maximum 50 word essay on Twitter or Google+. Here's a quote and link with the details,

    Source: Google Glass Explorer - How to Get One
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