Google+ Will Require Active Profiles and will Delete Private Ones Starting Aug. 1st

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    Google seems to be taking a mildly draconian tact regarding private profiles on its Google+ Social Networking Service. Apparently, if you leave your profile "private", Google will be deleting that profile starting August 1st. The pic above is the word "straight from the horse's mouth." You will still be able to keep much of your personal details secret if you need to. You can do this by limiting access to specific elements like your Circles, extended Circles, or anyone on the web. Google simply requires that your full name and gender be available to everyone.

    This forced socializing reminds me of a scenario where a kid's mom has guests over with their own kids. The kid's mom keeps saying, "go play with them.", and the kid replies, "but I don't wanna!" The mom replies, "You'll play with them, or you'll be grounded!" I can see Google's point of view in this. What good is a social network if you don't actually use it to be social? It still makes you scratch your head a bit though...

    Source: via Engadget and Google+

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