Google's Andy Rubin Shoots Down Rumors of Google Retail Stores

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    If you were excited (like us) at the prospect of checking out new Nexus devices and X Phones inside a live Google Retail Outlet, you may be sadly disappointed by today's news. Apparently, Andy Rubin (head of Android) himself just shot down the rumors. During a roundtable event at Mobile World Congress today, Mr. Rubin effectively nixed the idea that Google would be turning the Google Play Store into a physical thing. Here's a quote with more details,

    That seems like a pretty definitive response. One could argue that plausible deniability after the fact is definitely a strategy employed over the years when something gets leaked. Regardless, it doesn't change our enthusiasm for any of the amazing products Google will be showing off in May. How about you guys?

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    The surprise is that people thought the world was ready for a Google brick and mortar.
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