Google's Rumored Tablet Could Adversely Impact Partners' Sales of Tablets

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    Not long ago, Andy Rubin let slip that Google way be working on a "pure Google" branded Android tablet, although he left enough wiggle room that it is still just a rumor at this point. That's probably a good thing too, because some industry analysts are predicting that a Google Android tablet might negatively impact sales of Google's own OEM partners. Some are suggesting that Google will likely lead off with some newer update to Ice Cream Sandwich, like an Android 4.1, which could leave some of the other brands, like Asus, Samsung and Lenovo playing catchup. The DigiTimes analyst also suggested that Google might partner up with Motorola to build the device, since it is in the process off acquiring the company for its patents. This too could leave the other Android tablet manufacturers feeling "jilted."

    At this point, it's really just speculation, yet it is food for thought. Perhaps, Google should find a creative way of offering all the manufacturers that want to a way to create their own "Nexus-style" Android tablet...

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