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Discussion in 'Vizio Tablets' started by gleas293, Jul 31, 2013.

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    I, like many others have been searching for a way to run HBO Go on a Honeycomb VTab (after the update to HC, HBO Go no longer works). I read some other threads that stated loading HBO Go within Dolphin Browswer would work - but I could not get that to work for me.

    I found an older version of the HBO GO apk app and sideloaded it onto my Vtab, and it now seems to work (I just tested out on a movie which began to play). Not sure if it will get buggy or anything, but just wanted to throw it out there to the rest of the (now quiet) VTab community.

    Anyway, found the APK at the 1 Mobile store. The page lists it as HBO Go 2.1.11, but I think it may be an earlier version. You can access the site here : Download HBO GO 2.1.11,HBO GO 2.1.11 2.1.11 Android download | or direct download the link here:

    Good luck!

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