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Discussion in 'Gome Flytouch II' started by skye lee, Dec 11, 2010.

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    Fly Touch 2
    finally got my FT2 from ... and playing it for a week now.
    (don't bother getting from they took a month to get the FT2 on my hand)
    the screen is "PLASTIC" not the glass as they claimed that it was glass.
    everything working fine but for the battery somehow... it is not charging all the way to 100%
    it only charged up to 91% sometime 92 but mostly 90.
    my seagate freeagent reads as broken usb some how.
    haven't tried gps yet.
    screen sensitive is... omg... hell... you need to use either stylus or your finger nails other wise good luck navigate it.. oh or u can use mouse instead.
    memory (ram) uses more then 60% all the time some how... even after kill all the apps that are running still using about 55 to 60% wonder what eats them all the time.
    sleeping mode is not sleeping mode. i let it sleep for 4 hours and it eats up 60% of the battery.
    anyhow, does anyone know how to recalibrate the battery meter? i think i saw somewhere saying something like "charge is when its off and charge it again when its on and charge it again when its off then it will recalibrate the battery meter" does anyone know how to recalibrate the battery meter?

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