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Discussion in 'Android Tablet Discussions' started by kylesom, Aug 8, 2012.

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    Hi - am looking into a tablet as I think it could be really useful in my workplace if it has the functionality I would hope / expect it to have...hence a couple of queries - apologies if some are blindingly obvious, I'm a fair noobie at this - I also appreciate some tablets have more functionality than others so all recommendations appreciated!

    GPS signal - will a typical tablet (currently looking at a Google Nexus) have similar GPS accuracy to say a Garmin Etrex dedicated handheld GPS unit (say <8m accuracy on plan)?

    If not, would bluetooth/USB GPS addon dongles significantly enhance GPS capability to get down to <8m?

    Are there any GPS-related apps that allow tracking of waypoints, tracks, geo-referenced notes etc and dont rely on an internet connection?

    Cameras...currently I have a Garmin camera/GPS unit that allows me to geo-reference photographs to the same accuracy the unit is currently operating to - related to the previous queries, can photographs taken on the tablet be tagged with a location down to GPS accuracy, as in the usual <8m?

    I work in construction and move around over large sites - currently I'm able to upload site drawings and plans to Google Earth, then effectively load an image from GE onto my handheld GPS. If I have a tablet with GE installed (with my drawing uploaded as a KMZ) and have a GPS signal, will GE show me on the tablet "live" on my drawing?

    If I have fully installed GoogleEarth (not worried about googlemaps) on my tablet, would that mean I wouldnt have to worry about needing a wifi connection to download mapping?

    Thats all I can think of for now.....if the answers to all the above are "yes no problem", which tablet would people recommend in terms of processing power (needs to run AutoCAD WS, google earth, imaging), a good camera, and excellent standalone GPS performance?

    Many thanks!
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    i've been looking for a tablet with GPS to use in my car, doesnt seem to be too many about.

    Another option is a Bluetooth GPS receiver.

    These are the ones i've found so far that fit the bill (7" as i only want a little one) should give you an idea of specs/price:

    FreeLander PD10 Leader GPS 7 Inch Tablet PC Tegra2 Android 4.0 1GB RAM 16GB Dual Camera Bluetooth Black

    SmartQ K7 Android 4.0 GPS Tablet PC 7 Inch IPS Screen Bluetooth 8GB Black

    other suppliers are available :)

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