Green Lantern Theme Contest!!

Discussion in 'Android Tablet News' started by dgstorm, May 3, 2011.

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    We are back again with another theme contest. The Rescue Squad, who also sports green and are a light to the Android community, will be giving away family passes to see the movie Green Lantern. This theme contest will be bigger than the last because we are inviting all Android devices (whether tablet, Nook Color, or phone) on all carriers to be a part of something big. So let's go over the rules:

    1) All entries must be submitted in the designated thread on
    2) You must be a member of
    3) No kanging (develop your own themes, people)
    4) All entries must be submitted by the deadline
    5) You must submit a .zip file and screen shots and/or video as proof

    This contest will run from May 2 - June 10. Entries may be submitted to any moderator, but they must be submitted only on (not a sister forum). Unlike our previous contests, there will be only 1 winner. So let's see what you can do!
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    Too bad that I am not a Graphic Designer otherwise I would try to compete!

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