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    IRobot Android 2.1
    Hi guys, I looked into several forums but none seem to be really alive except this one .. so I try to learn something.
    My lovely wife had the great idea to please me with an IRobot Android 2.1 tablet. After having lots of headache with my new Windows 7 laptop she thought I would need some more work to keep my cells (brain) activ.
    Like so many other owners of China-made hardware I struggle with that thing since then. I read many posts with very frustrated owners of IRobots but it's actually not bad for the price, I have not had the experience of a frozen screen and battery life is not great but acceptable, however, the manual is basically a piece of toilet paper, at least that's what it represents with regard to information (but again, it's China product).
    But what really annoys me is that I cannot find out why the APK applications (e.g. File Manager) seem to be automatically downloaded into the internal 2 GB storage but all my video and picture downloads go into the external 16 GB Memory Card and I find everything in the "Gallery" instead of e.g. the "Video" folder which is pre-loaded.
    Is there any application for the Android 2.1 allowing me to choose the Memory cards/ folders for my downloads?
    Sorry for the lengthy introduction mail ...:p

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