groovshark for android tablets - please help!

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    advent vega
    Hi Guys, just got a years grooveshark mobile anywhere for $20

    Grooveshark | Japan Relief + Year GSA | Online Store Powered by Storenvy

    Its simlar to spotify without paying £9.99 a month and it works great on my desktop and android phone and thought it would be great on my advent vega android tablet so I installed it from the grooveshark website

    Grooveshark Mobile Music: Android

    Only problem is it didn't play music on my tablet for some reason so I contacted grooveshark support and got the following reply:

    "I'm not surprised. We haven't gotten a real android tablet to test the app on. I think the team is waiting to see if enough people are trying to use us on their tablets. I'm putting you down on my list. To make this happen for you faster, have all your friends who uses tablet to email me, lol. "

    If anyone is interested in getting this app on there android tablet please email

    Many thanks

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