Gtablet shuts down after about an hour and a half...frustated new owner.

Discussion in 'Viewsonic gTablet' started by porsche914, Oct 5, 2011.

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    I'm one of the folks who just bought a Gtab from Woot, and I'm having a problem I was hoping someone might be able to advise me on, since it doesn't look like Woot will replace it with another one. When I charge the tablet to full and unplug it from the power cord, it runs for about an hour and a half, then it completely shuts down. When I go to restart it, it will run for a few minutes then it shuts down again. With each attempt to restart, the time it runs gets shorter, usually never getting past the three birds. Strangely, the battery indicator is usually around 90% when this starts. I read something on another forum about running the battery down completely a few times, and I've tried that, but the problem persists. For the last two days, I've taped the power button down in order to force the tablet to continually restart until the battery is drained completely...none of this is helping. I'm running the stock system now, but that's after I put Flashback on it, which didn't help. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I called the Viewsonic warranty interesting experience, but no help. Many thanks.

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