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Discussion in 'Telechips TCC8902 Tablets' started by john040, Feb 7, 2011.

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    MID 1.1 7" Tablet Android 2.1
    Morning all,

    Newby here. Just bought a Haipad 7" tablet last month. Spec: Telechips processor (I think), Build MID 1.1, 4gig, Firmware, 2.1 -update 1, Kernal Ver, 2.6.29, cbsdad@CBserver #142.

    So far so good but have had a quick learning curve to get it how I want it with the apps to suit me. Cheap tablet but ideal for now. I'm waiting for a 8gig SD Card to arrive in the post.

    I flashed the ROM with a version off the Haipad website (it now shows the blue screen with the little girl) and small fonts which I prefer. Ik ROM, 18/10/2010, NAND Data.fi, 02/02/2011, tcc8900_mtd 22/10/2010. (Hope this is clear enough)

    Do you know if this tablet can be upgraded to 2.2 or higher? Is it worth it?

    Any thoughts/advice appreciated and thanks for your time in advance.


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