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    May 1, 2011
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    Kendo M7
    Hi, I've just got my very first tablet. It's a Kendo M7 running OS2.1 on the Rockchip 2818 (I think). I had some issues with the default OS setup, mainly the lack of the official Marketplace app and google integration apps, but I managed to flash a user created update and now it looks and acts much better. It's also rooted. That's meant to mean something, but I'm not quite sure yet what that benefit is. It's also interesting, the only store selling them in Finland has put the price up from 99 euros to 149 euros :confused:

    There are a few things I'm going to need to figure out though...

    It doesn't have bluetooth, but I was hoping I could register a BT antenna through the USB port. If this is possible, I would hope to be able to connect to a wireless BT GPS receiver and use my tablet as a GPS navigator.

    I would like to try my hand at developing an application or several. What would be a good investment of my time though? I don't know Java, but I could learn it. I already have knowledge of Python and PHP along with DHTML and MySQL and I hear there is like a scripting environment that offers a solution to developing with various scripting languages, through some kind of interpretor. How easy would it be to then distribute my apps this way? How reliable is it?
    I'm about to become unemployed (as a software tester), so development could be some kind of career opportunity for me.

    Some things about me...
    I'm English and live in Finland. I love Linux, programming, home-brewing, hacking, Esperanto, green energy harvesting, and anything else geeky.

    Well, I hope I get to learn some neat stuff here.


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