[HALLOWEEN GAME] Tomb PinBall Halloween edition by Kynitex

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    Hey gamers! Happy Halloween to everyone!

    Kynitex is happy to announce a special Tomb PinBall update – right in time for Halloween! Enjoy Jimmie the Crazy Skull’s creepy cemetery world ready to celebrate Halloween! Help Jimmie to earn scores and decorate its cozy cemetery even better for celebration!
    Download creepy Tomb PinBall Halloween edition for FREE now!


    Game Summary:
    Rack up points as Jimmie the Crazy Skull makes its way around…. the old cemetery!!! Don’t let Jimmie join its skeleton in the coffin to earn as many points as you can! You’ll never get bored with a number of stylized themes to play through, including cemetery at different parts of the day and weather, underwater, desert and even cemetery in hell!!!!
    Key features:
    · Bright and creative horror design;
    · Unique themes appearing randomly;
    · Great physics of Jimmie the Crazy Skull bounces;
    Tips and tricks:
    · Launch Jimmie the Crazy Skull into the air and try not to let him join its body in the coffin;
    · Try to bounce on as many tombs and other obstacles as possible to get more scores;
    · Try to get to the vault to earn extra Skull launch;
    · Touch flippers precisely to make them move and toss up the Skull.

    Please leave a comment on Android Market if you like the game!!
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