Handbrake conversion on tablet running Allwinner A10

Discussion in 'Allwinner A10 Based' started by scooby.71, Mar 29, 2013.

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    Synapse A10 MID android
    Hey all,

    I have tried playing/converting movies to play on my Synapse branded Allwinner A10 tablet with absolutely no luck whatsoever.

    I have tried 57 (yep 57) different permutations of conversion using Handbrake & AVS along with 26 different types of media player (mobo, MX, Real, Daroon etc) and I cannot get a single movie to play at all on my tablet EXCEPT three 600mb DC animations that the seller (from ebay) put on for me as a demonstration of how good the tablet was.

    I must admit that the 3 installed "movies" play brilliantly and the quality is excellent but when I try to duplicate the format/codec/container/resolution used on these 3 movies I get nothing.

    It's driving me nuts??!!

    Anyone any ideas other than throw the tablet away and buy a "brand"?

    P.S. it's a brilliant little machine, does browsing quicker than my 2yr old laptop!
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    Welcome to the forum

    Handbrake is a powerful program but not all that easy to configure and or use for some people. It's easy to get it wrong. I would suggest that Handbrake, (seems obvious to me based on your explanation) is where the problem lies.

    I would check out DVD Catalyst (forum link here) It isn't free but worth every penny and not very expensive. It has tablet specific presets which makes it dead simple to use and will VERY likely solve the problem. If you do have a problem the gentleman who developed the software will help right here on the forum.
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    +1 DVD Catalyst
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    Hi Scooby,

    welcome to the forums.

    First off, I would suggest to uninstall all the players you have installed. Some of them hook themselves to the build-in video playback capability of your tablet, and with multiple installed, it is likely that they will conflict.

    The build-in video player app should be perfectly capable of playing video files, and once that works, you can always install different ones.

    Your tablet will play video files with h264 video and aac stereo audio, but the actual codec settings are a bit tricky though.

    Have a look at these guides:

    Asus Nexus 7

    Just download the trial of DVD Catalyst using the link in one of the guides, and start a conversion using the Nexus 7 profile. Your video files should play fine then.
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