Hands-on review: Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Discussion in 'Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1' started by Spider, Jun 17, 2011.

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    Thanks Spider. Just went down to Best Buy. Display is up they have one unit on the display with nothing in stock to sell as of yet. They have a few keyboards and the docking unit, that's it! Got to play with the display model. First thing I want to know is about available media.. Think I'm starting to figure this out.. Google market is going to be able/or is able, to tell what device you have running when you try and log into The App Market. This will determine what apps are available to you.. Meaning things like Netflix wont be available etc.. They can and will streamline you to what they want or is available to your device alone.. In this regard I couldn't get to Market as this device didn't have an account set up yet. I tried going to Netflix and used my account there to see if I could stream through to the device. Came back with unable to play due to processor not compatible or some such..

    In the end this is what I'm looking for. Too see how the media markets force themselves down your throat. By forcing themselves on you, thus taking away your choice as a consumer.. For myself this is the thing that will kill my purchase as a consumer. I will judge every device by them allowing or disallowing my choice as a customer..

    Putting them on warning now.. In America it's all about Choice! Take away my ability to choose and I wont do business with you. In the land of the electronic device that hooks up to what started to be an open market we call the Internet! I expect. Nay I Demand, an open market allowing free choice for the consumer...

    Yours through the screen

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