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    Hello everyone, I bought a brand new IPPO Q78 (Android 4.0.4) via focalprice.com 2 month ago. First day of using it, and by using I mean simply installing a few apps, and after reboot, I got BOOT LOOP problem, so it wasn't able to get to tablets home screen. After lot of reading about similar problems, I was able to successfully unbrick it using (I suggest others with same cheap china tablet that are also soft bricked to use this program, it really was the only one which helped me):


    Here is my situation now, you can view it:

    Before, when it was soft bricked, at least after this android logo came the android animation that looped forever, but my computer was able to recognize and install the drivers for Android ADB device, now it can't, it won't recognize my tablet no matter what, ONLY when I press volume up and connect it to usb port, then it recognizes and installs vid_1f3a_pid_efe8 driver, which also I cannot use with LiveSuite, why? I really don't know, I've tried every possible solution found on forums (mainly here, but elsewhere also).

    Whole this situation is a result of me doing the CWM upgrade/install, I'm a newbie, so I cannot tell for sure what was it, I just know it was from xda--developers forum, more accurately this thread:


    after this, poof. I think it is hard bricked, and my question is, is there a way to flash it (btw, tablet is rooted) by only having access through mentioned driver vid_1f3a_pid_efe8 and without LiveSuit, cause I would have to download and try a 100 ROM's before I pin the one that suits my tablet. It's really a tough program to deal with, but if it's the only one, I would gladly format and reinstall my Windows OS as many times I need to to get it working.
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