Hard Reset Will Not work, Debugging off, how to by pass pin?

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    Android 7" Tablet
    I am trying to help a friend that was given a Chinese 7" Android tablet. I do not know the operating system or version. I can see in Windows Device Manager that it seems to be an Acatel Android Device.
    The tablet has no reset button, only has power and volume up down buttons.
    I have tried many, many button combinations and can never get to the hard reset screen or menu.
    Debugging is off
    It has a usb port and has sd card slot.
    The home menu requires a PIN. Previous and current owners do not know the PIN.
    How can I get in to the unit to do a hard reset so that my friend can use the tablet? Wiping everything is perfectly fine since no one knows what is on the unit anyway.

    Thanks in advance,
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