Having issues with installing new 4.0.4 ICS for Sanei N10

Discussion in 'Ice Cream Sandwich' started by barcodechief, Jul 8, 2012.

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    Sanei N10
    I appreciate everyone reading this and getting back to me asap because with my tablet I am ready to use it as a frizbee. I have been wanting to get this working for days now just as I have gotten it in the mail and wanted it to be upgraded to 4.04. I have the img file and have the livesuit.exe on my tablet and I even attached it to my pc but have no idea how to install the upgrade and get the damn thing surfing the web faster and have it running at the 1.5 ghz dual core that it should be running at. I did hear that there was a over clocking for the tablet but that was on another site and I was wondering if anyone could assist me with my issue!!!

    thanks again in advance.

    Have a great day.

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