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    Ainl Novo 7 Flame
    Hi all
    I have an Ainol Novo 7 tablet running Android version 4.1.2 cryo mod 10-20121110-UNOFFICIAL -elf2

    When I try to connect the tablet to my tv it didnt work, so I looked and had an APP called "HDMISWITCH"
    I turned it on and then my tv saw the tablet no problem an I started a movie.

    Then it crashed right away and wouldnt come back.
    I rebooted the tablet, and tried the app again but now it will not let me turn it on like before, I click 1080 and it doesnt change it and just closes.
    I wasnt able to find any other apps that are to control the hdmi i.d., and I can not use my tab with my tv.
    Does anyone know of an app or a workaround or anything?

    If I knew how to update my version from 4.1.2 to 4.2 I would and see if that maybe had any effect but I dont.
    I would greatly appreciate any help with this issue.

    Thanks in advance
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