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Discussion in 'Sylvania Tablets' started by Rrok007, Dec 15, 2011.

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    So here's a question for the folks that have the tablets with the HDMI outputs; how well does the HDMI perform?

    I know someone said somewhere that they could only get it to work after launching a video player, and then they kinda couldn't get it to perform or something. I'd like a little more detail if we could get it.

    Specifically, here's what I'm looking to know.

    1. Output - 1080p or 720p? I would guess 720 but it'd be nice to know for sure.
    2. Smoothness - How smooth does it run? Does it seem relatively smooth all the way through, or does it seem to only play for a while and then have to buffer? Does size of the file seem to make a difference? Anyone notice any artifacts/defects, glitches, etc while playing?
    3. Display - When it's running connected to a HDTV, does the tablet display remain active, or does it go blank since it's running to the HDTV? Do you have to be running some kind of video app for it to display on the TV as reported before, or will it display without, like can you be at the launch screen, open apps, etc, and have that displayed on the HDTV, or only on the tab's screen?

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