Hedy Winpad P100 Atom N455 Capacitive Mutl-Touch Windows 7 Tablet PC

Discussion in 'x86 Based' started by chaz03, Mar 23, 2011.

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    Ive been shopping for a tablet for a little while now, and Ive been debating on whether to get a Windows machine or Android. So i came across this tablet here, and Like a few things about it.
    1. Dual Boot OS/ Windows7/Android 2.2
    2. Intel ATOM Processor N455(1.66GHz)
    3. 10 in screen
    4. USB port
    5. For the most part, it looks pretty sleek externally.

    Battery life is a concern for me, along with the wi/fi ready. Am i misunderstanding the specs, when it says "Wireless LAN 1 Full size Mini PCI-E V1.2 slot,Support 802.11a/B/G/, 2 Wireless antenna" This means i need to purchase a PCI-E card correct? Although it does have optional 3g if you choose so. Also im concerned with the quality of the product itself. Never heard the name so would like to hear some thoughts and opinions. Thanks everybody

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