Hello Everyone... Newbie and Got No Clue About Andorid :)

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    Hello All,

    New in Here and glad found this forum and join to be part of this. [​IMG]

    I'm new to this android operating system and got no clue about android tablet and related to it [​IMG]

    Couples of days ago, i just bought a China Tablet with specification like this :

    Epad GW 707 Tablet PC Specification :

    CPU : VIA8650, High-performance 800MHZ CPU+300MHZ DSP - double proccessor

    Operation system : FROYO Android 2.2 (Support Flash 10.1)

    Language : Blueocean,Czech,Dansk,Deutsch,English,Spanish,French,Italiano,Nederlands(Dutch),Norwegian,Polski,

    Memory : 256MB DDR2

    Storage Device : 2GB NAND Flash

    Support external : TF card, maximum capacity of 32GB

    Gravity : 4-Dimensional G-sensor

    LCD : 7" Touch screen, 800*480 pixels

    Network : RJ45 Cable Internet: 10/100M adaptive

    WIFI : IEEE802.11b/g/n wireless network ,3G External 3G (Support Huawei E220/230,E160X/E169G,E1750 etc)

    I/O Port : 24pinUSB switch interface*1,Headphone *1, MIC*1, DC JACK*1, TF card reader

    Audio : 3.5mm headphone jack, High-quality stereo loud speaker, Built-in microphone

    Media File : Audio file formats supported: MP2, MP3, WAV, AAC, WMA

    Video file supported : 720p video playing, MPEG1/2/4; MJPG; H263; H264

    Photo file formats : JPG, JPEG, BMP, and PNG.

    Camera : Built-in 1.3MP camera

    Power adapter : 9V,1.5A
    Battery : Battery capacity:1800mAh
    Standby time : above 7-10 hours,Video play :2-3 hours

    That's Pretty much what was written about the tablet! [​IMG]

    Mine is Black color front and back, it's vibrating when i turn it ON, has green light (LED) when ON and red light (LED) when charging, black audio plug and it came with this what they called Transfer Box for USB connecting and Ethernet plug. It can be pinch on screen to zoom in and out and play angry bird though... [​IMG] but HD game such as Asphalt 5, PES11 and some other cant be play at all.

    And written from About Device at Setting :

    Model Number = WonderMedia WM8650

    Android Version = 2.2

    Kernel Version =

    Build Number = generic-eng 2.2 Froyo v1.2.1-20110325.195324

    And written on its Manual : MID WM8650 (7")

    It's a 16:9 kind of type tablet so here's the outlook description accroding to manual book :

    FRONT was the Camera, POWER LED, and BACK BUTTON

    RIGHT SIDE was Speakers, TF Card Slod (sd card media), USB Interface Plug (for the transfer box to be plug in), Headphone jack Plug (Black) and Power Jack Plug.

    Left side was The Power Button

    Top was The Menu Button, Volume Button and Mic's

    No USB Plug whatsoever just using the Transfer Box which has two USB plug and an ethernet plug. It can be used with the USB keyboard i bought it along.

    So i think, it's all i can inform about the tablet i had... [​IMG]

    and i was wondering if i can get some direction to make the most best out of my tablet and get a best performance of it. maybe pointing me about the right post according to my tablet spec. so i can get any ideas. and since i'm a very new with this android system things and tablets etc. it would be a great help to show me some step by step tutorial of how to get my tablet root, instal some custom room, how to upgrade to higher version of android etc with some simple instruction guide language [​IMG]

    So again, Glad to be hear, A Warm Greet to everyone and Hope can get some help in here [​IMG]

    Best Regards,


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    iPhone, soon to be tablet.... XOOM?
    Sounds just like my errant Maylong I received by mistake.... I order something else and this Maylong thing came in it's place.... Mine works well with a mouse but has to be held sideways if the tablet is horizontal....
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    Welcome to the forum. Check out our wonder media section.

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