hello from Argentina help!!!

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    coby kyros
    Hi there!,, I´m Laura from Argentina and I´m a complete fail computerwise...that means that I don´t even know what kind of motherboard my PC have and stuff.. But I love books so I bought a Coby Kyros MID 7015 so as to have my beloved books with me everywhere I go
    Thing is... I´m telling you all this because I´ll be bothering you all to help me find out how to use it and how to avoid breaking it !! ha ha
    <To give you an idea how stupid I am with these things...here´s my problem.. please help!!!!!
    well I already messed up the tablet..I can´t put music or images or any other documents in the tablet... After looking up the entire internet for an answer I discover this:
    whenever I connect the UBS cable to my computer... the "nand memory" must be mounted .. well, the nand memory in my tablet won´t ,,,so I kept looking up and I found out that there´s supposed to be a download file in the tablet when it is showed as an external disk....then I realized that I unintentionally errased that file after the first time I load some books to my tablet !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Can that be the problem??..What can I do???

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