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    hey guys, first sorry any problems with the language or with the forum rules, cause i'm brazillian and not speak/write in english very well. i'm also interested in buying a tablet, and I've been checking out this site because I have friends who have already bought several things there and I found a very good price (remembering that I live in Brazil) for all that the tablet provides. take a look and tell me what you think.
    I wonder also if there is any problem with him being Japanese, having recently bought a similar phone to the iPhone and i was disappointed, and I had a problem serves

    $201.90 - 1080P 7" Multi-Touch Screen Google Android 2.2 Tablet PC w/ WiFi/HDMI/Camera/TF/USB (Cortex-A8 1GHz) - Laptop Gadgets

    and thank in advance for the help I think it is worth noting what stands out to me this tablet. positive: capacitive multitouch screen (too bad that there is video showing the quality of the screen), and Android, and a user-friendly system, I can count the apps to read my e-books, documents, emails without complication, many formats Supported audio and video, wifi, two usb's (the 2nd to connect devices in it), favorable price and free shipping to Brazil
    negative: the display is not as FullHD says the ad, only the front camera and does not have bluetooth
    and one more question, I have searched among tablets cheapest and most have 256 RAM, so I'm finding it to 512 above average, but for tablet, 512mb is a good quant. RAM?
    thank you so much, waiting for answers

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