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Discussion in 'Android Tablet Q&A' started by Tarzan_601, Sep 3, 2012.

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    Hello Peeps. I am new to this android thing. My wife had a stroke and is in reahb now getting better every day. Her friends from work bought her a tablet and I am trying to get an app that they use at rehab. They call it " Verbally " and all I can find is an IPAD app wich I just figured won't work on this tablet. They bought her a " Pandigital " wich is a android. It is a simple program wich should run on this tablet or a program like it. Does anybody have an idea where or what I can don to run something like this. It is very hard on us to try to comuinicate and I think this would help us a bunch. Thanks in advance. Gene
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    Hi Gene, welcome to the forum. Glad you decided to join us here at Android Tablets. It's good to hear your wife is getting better every day. Unfortunately, the only app I could find for your purposes seems to be Verbally, and it is for iPads only. I'm hoping someone else on the forum will know of a similar program for Android tablets, so I'm moving your thread to the Android Tablet Q&A section for you. More people are likely to join the discussion there and try to help you find something that will work. Good luck!

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