[Help] How I know my chip is real RK2818 ! I need compare results benmark !

Discussion in 'Rockchip RK2818 Tablets' started by super_stupid, May 5, 2011.

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    Hi Everybody !
    I had bought Londge Padone 1 ! In shop which i had bought it, they write details is RK2818, RAM 256, Android 2.1 ... ! But my tablet can't play Ninja Fruit, it very very slow !

    I found some info in this: Google Dịch

    Detials in homepage : Google Dịch

    It not write Padone 1 use RK2818 !

    Londge Padone 1 (ARM 1.00GHz, 8GB Flash Driver, 7 inch, Android 2.1) !


    I can't benmark with "Quadrant Advanced" !


    So I use soft name Benmark (Can u give me results benmark to compare ,please !) :(


    I don't know why Rock chip 2818 1Ghz in soft Quick System Info Pro is chip ARM 311MHz !


    Help me ! Thanks !
    Additional questions : My tablet only have one physical button is Home, so i don't know How does flash rooted ROM for it ?

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