Help! Innovatek Inno Pad 10, Bricked Already!

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    Hi Everyone;I bought this Innovatek Inno Pad 10. It was slow, and awful so I started playing with it. I was able to enable USB Debugging mode and tried rooting it using all the tools I could find (Z4, Universaland, One click...and manual root using ADB) without luck. I took it apart and took some photos, lost them and took it apart again. Now it won't power on. Green light will come on as soon as I plug in the USB to the "Host" (normal size) USB port. Red comes on when charging. Tried all key combos and no dice. It was running Android 2.3.3.
    Info:Model Number: T10
    Andriod Ver: 2.3.3
    Kernel -
    Build No - GR140
    CPU - infoTMIC 1GHZ Processor
    Memory - 256mb RAM
    Nand Flash - 4GB

    After taking it apart I found the following:
    There is a CPU "Sub Board" plugged into a socket on the main board (as you will see in the pics)
    The CPU Board is labelled - "CPU200_V6.1"
    The Main Board is - T10F_V1
    On the CPU Board:InfoTimic IMAPx2100BM1-80
    2 x No Name Chips
    SyncMOS 0043, F29C31400T-90TC
    On the Main Board:Underneath The CPU Board is - Hynix H27UBG8T2ATR, BC 139F
    WLan - Realtek RTL31???CTV (Too Small to read)
    Doestek DTC34Lm85AL (Not sure what this is)
    Screen - HLY101MI.286-24A, 11121204521, 10.1" Touch

    Any help to unbrick and upgrade this Tablet would be appreciated!
    $Back.JPG $Box.JPG $Buttons.JPG $CBoard.JPG $CPU Board.JPG
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