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Discussion in 'Zenithink ZT180 10 Generation 2' started by fingersuvfirenfury, Aug 5, 2012.

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    ZEPAD 10" ARM ZT-180 512MB RAM
    I have a ZEPAD 10" ARM ZT-180 512MB Ram smart tab. I THINK THIS IS WHERE IM SUPPOSED TO POST. NOT SURE. I cant download ANY apps. I tried clearing the cache on the marketplace and force quitting it and also force quitting the google service framework. I haven't seen any more posts on how to fix this! Please help me. I got it from craigslist but the guy said he only used it once or twice...there wasn't anything downloaded onto it or anything. SO i dont think its broken. If I need to do some kind of reset that will be fine. Just got it today...nothing important on it. Someone please help. Thanks!

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