help me find out!! Haipad M701?? Nupad?? E7002??

Discussion in 'Telechips TCC8902 Tablets' started by juri1224, Nov 8, 2010.

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    my device looks like one above.. AC Adapter, USB Cable, OTG Cable.. everything looks same...

    But now i'm so comfused

    first, I thought it was haipad m701 with HDMI but no remote control..

    but through a mail from haipad customer service..
    they told me that.. the USB Cables they sell out is white.. but what I have is black

    so I went on searching..

    than I found out NuPad from pandawill has same appearence and mostly alike device functions...

    But another thing I had is that...

    In my manual (User's guide attached when purchased..)
    It says MID F518 on the hardware introduction
    and I found out that MID F518 is known as Moonse E7002..
    this one looked same on the out side too -_-;;;;;;;;

    but in firmware upgrade section of manual it says MID701....;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

    Can someone help me to get out of this hell???


    they all look just same... it drives me crazy...

    Any small help will be appreciated!! thanx guys!!

    *important - My device can't detect any external devices except computer.. which means it is not capable of hosting any external machines...
    I saw a post that NuPad can't recognize external devices without specific USB cable..
    is that mean what I have is Nupad??

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