Help me plz, Android 2.2 MID

Discussion in 'Android Tablet Q&A' started by DeafLion, May 3, 2011.

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    Android 2.2 MID freescale A8 (Mx515
    hello i am newbie and i am deaf too
    i feel upset that my new Android 2.2 MID Freescale A8 (Mx515)
    that when i got this first new and play with this to understand everything
    that i think i accident click "factory data reset" :eek:
    then went off and start up with android logo on then penguin logo on left top side,
    didnt any change yet there stay penguin logo on...
    i wonder something wrong :(
    i went look in youtube how reset it
    been press hold 2 button and power on, there same went to penguin logo on :confused:
    i keep trying find how to fix it...
    i though might wipe things system lost
    so i try find restore etc but problem
    one i saw say fix firmware so need where download it to put sd card
    confuse me :confused: and i want your help today when you can do...
    or tomorrow i might will take this to shop and fix for me, COST $? £?

    Help me plz !

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