Help my Android tablet won't boot up past the green man.

Discussion in 'Android Tablet Q&A' started by Froggin11, Jan 7, 2013.

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    Andriod OS 2.2 MID
    Hi everyone,

    I bought my Andriod tablet MID from Craigslist brand new and as usual it worked great the first month but now everytime I boot it, it won't go past the green man. I've read the manual front to back and there is nothing in it pertaining to the issue. I have tried hitting the reset hole on the side. I've tried taking the back off to get to the battery but almost broke the screen so that idea was a flop. I've tried holding the start and volume up button at the same time to reset it as well as holding the start up and menu button at the same time but no luck. I'm not sure what else to try, any suggestions...thank you!!

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