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    Hello everyone!

    Maybe this is a no-brainer but I'll ask you guys anyway:

    Has anyone ever edited an Excel-sheet (created on a Windows computer as *.xls) on his ASUS Slider?
    When I entered lots of numbers using my Slider, it did look quite good. When saving the file and opening it under Win-XP, the numbers were there and they looked good. Back on my Slider, I wanted to perform a "SUM" operation from a rather large amount of numbers and all I got was "0" (zero) ? Tried again and again, nothing. Taking the file back to my Win-XP again ZERO ?! That's very strange... not even an error message.
    Surprisingly, the other sums on that sheet that had already been there were not affected.

    Anybody got any ideas?

    Thanks for your help!

    Best regards


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