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    coby eric
    hi evrybody i need help with my tablet
    it stl new i root it with this root method
    Root MANY ANDROID! [Upd: 18.06.2013] - Switched to improved method - xda-developers
    root ok and everything is working

    i found this recovery the one for A13 10 block
    CWM for Allwinner A10 & A13 Tablets - v2a - xda-developers
    and i flashed it with Terminal Emulator and flash ok

    i booted into reccovery and it workerd but i cant boot to system any more , when i select <reboot system now> from recovery it boot in recovery again

    this pic when i select wip data/cache

    this when select wip cache

    and this when i select show log

    also when i select install zip from sd : i cant enter files in internal storage it say cant mount : i can onely inter external sd card

    what i know about the tablet is:
    X-Tap 7"
    allwenner A13
    1.008Ghz CPU
    512MB RAM DDR
    MALI 400 1 CORE GPU

    is there firmware or something i can do???
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