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    I bought a tablet on ebay (as a new machine) and it arrived with loads of apps on and a dodgy copy of the new meet the fockers movie and a video of some guy. Dodgy i would say and i thought there were things running that seemed like spyware or summin - no real knowledge on that, just paranoia!

    Anyway - i figured i wanted to remove all sorts and started doing that and pressed buttons to reset and now it is properly messed up. The callibration comes on and works but once you cancel that, you cant press anything because the calibration is wrong. Trying to press buttons doesnt give me the home screen i had before and i get a message about launcherpro having expired which brings up a browser that tries to reach their site.

    So now it is completely unusable and under 5 days old! I know i should have sent it back but i figure i should be able to reinstall android (if thats what you do) but i cant find anywhere that says do this and then that and you are done. I have read about firmware updates but cant find the lk.rom and tcc8900_mtd.img it mentions in the manual anywhere - i saw something on but cant figure out from the chinese what im supposed to download and how to install.

    So im kind of stuck badly and would really appreciate anybody's help.


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