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Discussion in 'Creative Tablets' started by JDN, Mar 21, 2011.

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    Creative Ziio 10
    Okay, so everything is pretty much dandy with my Ziio 10 (which I have had for 4 days) BUT when I apply a wallpaper (either through ZiiPhoto or an alternative app such as wallswitch) only the upper half of the image is visible.... also, the ziiphoto wallpaper cropper tool is stupid, it's a square....your desktop is rectangular.....oO

    Yes, I have tried changing the resolution to 1024 x 600 but it still does this, also, the quality of the image is terrible once applied, it looks great in ziiphoto and even the brief preview of the cropped image looks good.....but on the desktop it is terrible, this quality problem is overcome when using wallswitch but still the image is still stretched!

    Anyone else have this problem???

    Secondly - I cannot log into accounts thru apps, such as the facebook widget or even gmail thru the email client or either tells me there is a certificate problem or that there was an error and to try again later.....

    Any thoughts much appreciated!

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