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Discussion in 'Asus TF101/SL101 Forum' started by PandaTrader, Oct 12, 2011.

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    Hi,I just got two weeks ago an Asus transformer eee pad and an iPad 2. I'm comparing the two and both devices are great, but the Asus is the winner, except one thing. When I go to or use the NFL app and watch video highlights the transformer is blurry or choppy with fast motion. It's kind of grainy, not smooth at all. I tried the standard web browser, dolphin, math eon and different player, but it just doesn't get smooth. I tested the same video highlights on the iPad 2 (yes flash works with one small booking marking trick) on or the NFL app and it runs smooth, fluid and crisp. Is there a way to improve the video playback in the transformer?!? I really love the transformer with my keyboard, but this problem annoys me.Thanks

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