Help with a few issues on APAD 710

Discussion in 'Android Tablet Q&A' started by mgr52, Aug 22, 2011.

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    Apad 710
    I figured I would just have one thread with all the issues for this tablet

    Apad 710 Rockchip 600MHz android 2.1 4GB trackball HDMI 720p+FREE HDMI CABLE

    I have had it for probably 9 months now and it is okay but there are a few issues preventing it from being really useful...

    the first is the battery and it charges but I never know what percentage it is at because one second I see the screen says charging 30% but then I unlock the phone and I get the 15% battery life left message. Even when the tablet is still plugged in, that message comes back every 5 seconds. Is it just not charging fast enough??

    The second issue is it has android 2.1, anyone I can get 2.2? Are there any upgrades for this??

    I posted the thirdissue in another thread but I can't connect the tablet to my tv. I have it all hooked up but no picture shows up.

    and my last issue is how can I get flash? I assume it was by upgrading to 2.2 can this device handle that and is there any easy way for non techy people to do it?

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