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Discussion in 'Telechips TCC8902 Development' started by MrMEEE, Sep 15, 2011.

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    I have purchased a CarPC much like this one from China:

    All the "normal" functions (radio, calling, bluetooth, tv) are not android, but the GPS has been replaced with a Android 2.3 installation..

    The problem here is that the Android installation is very minimal and does not include android market...

    I would try to fix it myself, but i'm missing adb access.. Also, I can get into an update mode (recovery mode) but there are no physical buttons connected to the android system.. so I can't select anything, just getting the android icon with the triangle because no update exist..

    There is a usb plug on the back of the radio, which is normally use for a WIFI stick.. I have tried to connect a usb keyboard, which works fine in normal mode, but no effect in recovery mode..

    There is a small 10-pin plug in the lower right corner of the unit (see pictures), I suspect this to be a adb connection, but have no idea on howto create a cable for it...

    The unit is based on the TCC8900-series.. So maybe someone out there has some ideas???

    Hope someone can help me get ADB connection to this carpc...





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