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    coby kryos mid 7024
    i am heaving trouble installing gingerbread on my Coby Kyros mid7024. am not new with modding but i feel like a boob asking this... ok i started with a clean micro-SD card formatted to fat 32. i then downloaded the latest version of gingerbread from steev an member. i unzip it into it own folder i took those files and put them on the micro SD and inserted it in my tablet. i held down the menu and power key tell it said "upgade system activated". then it says " can not find any update image""press the menu/key volumeup key". I press this volumeup key and it does it thing and shuts off. When i power on the tablet i get the stock OEM firmware on there no upgrade no gingerbread...i pressed the reset button and did what i mention above and still the same results... i dont know whats going on or what am doing wrong "headache" lol i appericate anybody advice to help me

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