Herotab c8 / Dropad a8 games overheating

Discussion in 'Samsung Based' started by rambopfc, Oct 13, 2011.

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    Herotab c8
    Hello All,

    I just got a new Herotab and one of the main reasons I got it was to play the game "Order and Chaos". Other 3D games (which seem to have much better graphics!) run fine (I.E. Dungeon Hunter 2, Asphalt 6).

    older posts in other forums and places say that they can get it to run fine, and while it runs great for me it always crashes the whole device after about 5-25 min.

    The device doesn't "feel" to be getting that hot(my cell phone gets WAY hotter), but the game/device will freeze then fill up with white lines and turn completely white before shutting down.
    Installing widget to track temp doesn't help either, it always stays the same..

    I'm running Genesis V 2.1 Rom (1ghz version, not 1.2ghz). I've tried running with and without Chainfire 3D (settings turned down), and brightness turned way down via the Screen Filter app, all with the same results.
    Sadly this Rom is no longer being maintained but links to it and similar Roms can be found here: [ROM] Underground (2.0 Official Update) - SlateDroid.com

    Should I be using a different Rom? Are there others that I don't know about?
    Has anyone else had problems like this, and if so how did you work around it?


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