hi-tech easypad 1001 help me

Discussion in 'Android Tablet Discussions' started by misiz, Jan 23, 2012.

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    hi-tech easypad 1001
    hello my name is misiz i am from greece and i am new user hire . i take today the hi-tech easy pad 1001 the have android 2.2 . i have too question if sambody know tell me pls .

    1. it have android 2.2 can i to install new android 4.0 ? and if beter or no

    2. i open one site from my football club (ARIS FM 92.8) . and i want lisen live radio but not play want programm i need to download for play the live redio for the site ...

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    Hi misiz, welcome to the site, The Hi-Tech easy pad 1001 looks like a rebranded, (for the GREEK market), inexpensive Chinese tablet which probably cannot be upgraded, but a more knowledgeable member will be able to tell you better. If I understand your second question I think you want to record a streaming radio program to play back later, again someone else may be able to suggest an App for doing this.
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