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    Just checked the acer support site and the following was reported regarding the wifi issue some had after updating to 3.1

    What can I do if I am unable to connect via WiFi after completing an A500 system update?
    You may experience problems connecting to WiFi after updating to software build 4.010.08 (USA) or 4.010.22 (Canada). This problem was resolved in software build 4.010.10 (USA) and 4.010.38 (Canada). To resolve this problem, install the latest system update for the tablet.

    I can confirm that at least for me the 3.1 update did not cause any issues with the tab connecting to my wifi.
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    Im not sure which 3.1 update you are "confirming." Just as your quote says, there are two 3.1 updates (or 4 depending on how you look at it) for USA and Canada. There was the initial update, 4.010.08/4.010.22 and then later an update to 4.010.10/4.010.38.

    4.010.08 and 4.010.22 updates did have issues. You could connect, but if the wifi wasnt almost full bars, youd get issues such as the connection looping between "scanning" and "connection" indefinitely. The additional.updates, 4.010.10 and 4.010.38, added a "fixwifi" (it will appear under settings, applications, all) process that corrects the issue.

    I can confirm that with the 4.010.08 update, there were problems. I could only connect to wifi with signals above 90%, while signals lower often looped between "scanning" and "connecting." Sometimes if I rebooted, I could get it to connect, but it was annoying to have to reboot every time I had to change wifi connections or after my tablet woke up from sleep.

    I can also confirm that the 4.010.10 update fixed the issue. I can now connect to wifi with as little as 10% strength.

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