HOT NEWS: Malata ZPAD T8 Probably one of the first owners of Tegra 2 250 -3D-!!!

Discussion in 'Nvidia Based' started by Gadgetx, Jul 7, 2011.

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    [h=2]Malata ZPAD T8 Using Tegra 2 250 3D!!![/h]
    Here is live chat with Malata:

    我 07:57:53
    there is Tegra 2 T250 3D and T250 not 3D
    我 07:57:58
    Which one used on T2 and T8
    万利达销售:7 07:58:48
    Tegra 2 T250 3D used on T8
    我 07:59:10
    For sure?
    我 08:00:10
    T2 is Not 3D and T8 is 3D?
    万利达销售:7 08:00:46
    T2 is T20

    That's pretty much explains T8's price ... besides it's amazing IPS screen....

    As happy buyer of T8 just day ago online...I can't wait for DHL Express bring this baby :)


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