How can I add fonts? "Copying failed" after rooting.

Discussion in 'Pandigital Novel' started by cliffsloane, Sep 3, 2012.

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    My goal is to add Thai fonts so pdfs and web pages will display correctly.

    I installed z4root, ran root, then enabled SuperUser.
    In ES File Explorer, I went to the folder with the fonts I wanted. They were not write-protected and they were 8.3 format TTFs.
    I selected all, then copied them. A "clipboard" appeared with all the fonts there.
    I then went to the directory /system/fonts and ran the "paste" command from the clipboard. One by one, each font produced a "fail" message, the identical error that I got BEFORE I rooted the device.
    I did this several times and occasionally with just a single file, but always the same result.

    Can someone tell me what, if anything, I am doing wrong?

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