How can I root my D2Pad-721 for Play Store and stuff?

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    Hoping someone has finally cracked the issue as to how I can load Play Store on this tablet. Thanks.
    Was given these instructions by a helpful user, but it didn't work:
    Ok here are the install procedures.

    1. Be sure to have installed SuperUser and the file manager (root explorer is the easiest) on the tablet first.
    2. Using the file manager (root explorer) it will ask for SuperUser permission .. At this point you should ALLOW it.
    3. In the file manager, find where you downloaded the Phonesky.apk
    4. You'll need to copy it. So hit the memu key. Select COPY. You'll have to navigate it to system/app/ and paste it.
    5. Then you will need to change permissions. So, now that it's in your system/app scroll down and find the Phonesky.apk file. Long press it. Find permission and you'll need to put checks on the whole first column on the left side, a check on the top box in the middle column and NO checks on any boxes on the right column.
    6. Reboot

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