How do I create more internal memory in Android phone ?

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    How do I create more internal memory in Android phone ?

    I get this message on my Android phone-

    Memory full

    Internal phone storage space is nearly full.

    Delete/uninstall some aplicactions or data and try again.

    How do I make this message go away ?

    I use App2SD app.
    App displays this when I open-

    On Phone is blank. Total 189 MB Avail 15.44 Mb.

    On SD card, there is lot of apps. there but lots of space.
    Total 29.81 gb. avail. 25.24 gb.

    Phone only total 189.90 mb Avail. 15.44 Mb.

    I already transfer all the app. that was on internal memory to SD card.

    The "Phone Only", I can't transfer these apps. ?

    How should I get more space on my internal memory ?

    I am using Samsung Gt- S5360 Android Phone.


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