How Do I Deregister My Lenovo K1

Discussion in 'Honeycomb' started by Da5id, Apr 8, 2012.

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    I have a Lenovo K1 loaded up with a number of those $.10 apps. I want to pass it on to someone without all my personal info. A Visio 8 inch is on the way. Yeah, I know the downsides, but I am disabled and the Lenovo is just the beast to handle. In any event, I am having some difficulty short of resetting to factory default in deleting all my personal information so that when I go to the android store it doesn't say that I have a Lenovo K1. Can anyone point me to a thread, website, or just give me some tips explaining how to get the job done? Basically, I want to prepare my four month old Lenovo tablet for new user. Thanks very much.

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