How do I find tablet hardware configuration?

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    7" OEM MID that doesn't work, Android 2.2
    My Chinese 7" tablet froze during boot up two weeks after purchase. I would like to attempt to install the compatible Android OS but am unable to tell what the true specs of the gadget are since it can't boot.

    Is there a command line boot application that can be be run to determine what the hardware setup is and print to the screen, such as happens when installing Linux on a PC (the hardware profile is displayed before proceeding)?

    Clockwork Recovery mentioned in the FAQ post seems dependent on the gadget being fully functional/bootable.

    For what it's worth, the seller claimed these were the specs on what I ordered and sent a note with the package (MID on the box) saying it was upgraded to Android 2.2:

    Item specifics
    Place of Origin: Guangdong China (Mainland)
    Screen Size: 7.2"
    Products Status: Stock
    Graphics Card Type:Integrated Card
    Brand Name: OEM
    Processor Brand: VIA
    Type: Netbook,Tablet PC,UMPC,Not...
    Processor Main Frequency: 533MHZ
    Memory Capacity: 256MB
    Weight: 332g
    Model Number: TT-007
    Processor Type: WM8505 533MHZ
    Hard Drive Capacity: 2GB
    Optical Drive Type: No
    OS: Google Andriod 2.1
    Camera: Yes
    WIFI: Yes
    G Sensor: Yes
    DDR2 256MB: 2GB
    Processor Main Frequency: 800*480
    Languages: Support multi language
    Tablet PC: MID
    Package: 0.76g
    Touch Screen: Tablet PC

    It boots with a blue LED and has a 30 pin adaptor for USB/LAN. Here's the product ad on AliExpress (since removed) that trapped me:http://www.**************/snapshot/100332686.html
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